Learning Skydiving in Las Vegas


Solo skydiver Learning Las Vegas SkydivingHere is a quick summary of what you will be required to do when Learning Skydiving in Las Vegas.

  The Integrated Student Program is an 8 level course to learn how to skydive. That means it can be done in 8 jumps. I does not mean that you will be guaranteed to do it in 8 jumps. This is a “Train to Proficiency” program. So, how many jumps it takes is mostly up to you.


Category A (This level is done as a Tandem Skydive)

   Familiarization with skydiving enviroment

   Familiarization with canopy control

   Show good freefall body position


Category B (Also done as a Tandem Skydive)

   Relaxing in freefall

   Pull at assigned altitude

   Actively participate in canopy control


At this point we do a 3 to 5 hour ground school to teach you

what you need to know to be under your own parachute


 Category C (2 Skydives under your own parachute)

   First solo skydives!

   Join United States Parachute Association Learn unassisted freefall

   Show good stable body position Solo Pull Solo Canopy Control with radio assistance


Category D (2 Skydives under your own parachute)

   Progressive turns (90 degrees, 180, 360)

   Forward motion

   Wave off before pull

   Alternate Canopy controls


Category E  (2 Skydives under your own parachute)

   Solo exit

   Barrel Rolls and Flips

   Tracking away before pull



That’s it! Once you can accomplish all those things you can jump by yourself. Then it’s time to work on your first license (A License). You need 25 jumps and some work on skills to qualify. You can do most of these on your own. Once you have that license, you can jump anywhere you want. You need to jump at least once every 30 days. Waiting longer than that between jumps will result in retraining and, most likely, repeating the prior student jump. If you’re ready to get going and become a skydiver, just click that “CONTACT US” button up on the right corner or give us a call at 877-2GO-JUMP.


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