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Tandem Skydiving


If you are here you must want to make a skydive near St George or Las Vegas. Well, we can do that.

You’ve made the decision to skydive so you probably want a little more information. With today’s technology skydiving has become safer then it was several years ago. 

Now, there is the opportunity for a certified tandem instructor to take a passenger on his or her first skydive after only a few minutes of instruction. How is this possible? Simple, the instructor will teach you the correct body position to safely fall through the sky. 

Tandem in the sky at Skydive Mesquite near St George
Tandem Skydiving near St George UT and Ls Vegas NV
Waiting to do a tandem at Skydive Mesquite
Tandem leaving the plane at Skydive Mesquite

Why jump alone your first time when you can have an experienced and certified tandem instructor with you during your entire experience?

You’ll be fitted with a tandem harness system that will attach you to your instructor. You’ll enjoy a scenic 15-minute flight up to 13,000 feet above the ground. After leaving the plane and falling through the sky at 120 miles per hour for approximately fifty seconds, it’s time to deploy your parachute. Once under canopy your instructor will guide you through flying and landing the canopy safely on the ground where your friends and/or family will be waiting for you.

Here’s some stuff you need to know:


  • You must be at least 18 years old (no exceptions)

  • Weight limit: 220 pounds or less (that’s dressed and, if it’s close, no, we can’t go naked)

  • Wear athletic shoes

  • No hook eyes to hold the shoe laces

  • No high heels

  • No sandals

  • Appointments are recommended (required for week days or large groups)

tandem landin at Skydive Mesquite
Getting geared up for a skydive near st george

$ 209.00/ $185.00 Internet Discount!

(Give us a call for specials. We can usually find one)

5 people or more – $175.00

2nd Tandem within 30 days – $170.00

Video Packages:

BRONZE: Video or Stills – $69.00

SILVER: Video and Still pictures – $89.00

GOLD: Pro Video and Still Pictures – $129.00